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The Golf Hotel's
Crail Crab & Fresh Haddock en Croute


1 fillet of fresh Haddock
100g Crabmeat
100g puff pastry
½ onion
1 pint chicken stock
250mls Chardonnay sauce
10g butter
salt and pepper
15g flour
¼ pint double cream

Crail Crab & Fresh Haddock en Croute

Take 1 fillet of Fresh Haddock, fill with 100g of crabmeat and fold over in half. Use lightly rolled puff pastry to form a pastry shell, glaze with milk and cook for at least 15 minutes or until pastry is golden brown. Once cooked, slice the pastry in half and pour over the light Chardonnay sauce*. Sprinkle with dried parsley and serve with baby boiled potatoes, fresh broccoli and stripped carrots.

*For the Chardonnay sauce – sweat off half an onion in 10g and butter and add flour to make a roué. Add 1 pint of chicken stock, season to taste and add 250mls of dry Chardonnay. Blend together to form a consistent texture and add ¼ pint of double cream at the end.



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